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When starting lessons with a new student, it’s important to build their confidence in playing the piano immediately. The Cascade Beginner Piano Book allows new students to get a running start at playing a variety of well-known pieces! Using the Cascade Method Pop Song Method, your beginner students will learn to play impressive music in the very first lesson!

Cascade Method is like no other method out there! It is a style and way of teaching that Tara has developed over her 20 years of lessons with students! She is always adapting and finding the best way to share her love of piano that will give students that immediate sense confi-dence and empowerment. In addition to all the songs they’ll learn, I’ll teach them important piano fundamentals and concepts through games and boom cards! The week between lessons will have never felt longer nor will piano have ever been more fun!

NoteMatch is a piano reading tool that helps students comprehend the process of reading notes at an accelerated pace. NoteMatch is a tangible product that is placed directly behind the black keys of any piano — from keyboards to uprights to grand pianos! This tool helps students understand the music notes that are on any page of sheet music in relation to their location on the piano keys. The grand staff tool is made of whiteboard material so your students can experience hands-on learning. The success stories that have come from the creation of NoteMatch are unbelievable.


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