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Tuition Fees  

            I teach year-round, based on 48 lessons per year.  Based on the tuition of $25.00 per lesson, and divide by twelve, the monthly fee is $112.00 for 30-minute lessons.  For the younger students that are just beginning, I usually start with a 30-minute lesson, and reserve the privilege of increasing it to 45 minutes when I deem necessary.


            Students that are going through the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Program are scheduled for 1-hour lessons.  When preparing for a RCM piano or theory exam, extra lessons may be required just before the exam date.  These will be charged at the regular lesson fee.  Tuition is as follows (online lessons):




30 minute lesson            $28.00               ($112.00/mo.)

45 minute lesson            $42.00               ($168.00/mo.)

1 hour lesson                  $56.00               ($224.00/mo.)


            Post-dated cheques for each month can be provided for the full year, or an online payment can be made per semester or monthly.  Payments can also be made through PayPal or by e-transfer.  It should be noted that payment is required by the 1st of each month.  If tuition is not received before the fifth of the month, a $15 late fee will be incurred, and lessons will be suspended until tuition is paid.  Please make cheques payable to PATRICIA MOORE.


             If a cheque is returned NSF for any reason whatsoever, the parent is responsible for the amount of the original cheque plus the NSF fee charged by the bank.


            Summer lessons can consist of summer music camps and a variety of music can be learned to do something different than the books we use all year.  If a student wishes to continue in their method books, that is also accommodated.  The student does not have the distraction of school, homework, and other school activities to get in the way of good, consistent practice.  I will let you know what workshops or a theme for the summer lessons will be given.  Several summer camps will also be set up (dates to be announced).

             I am pleased to announce that UMT (Ultimate Music Theory) Club Classes are now available.  These group lessons are offered at $45.00 per hour, weekly.  If there are 4 lessons in a month that would equal $180.00.  Lessons can be pro-rated to four per month, so each month the charge will be the same.

              I have a preschool piano program called "Wunderkeys" which is tailored to children age 3 to 5.  These lessons are one-on-one; teacher and student.​  These are 30 minute lessons.


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