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 About Me     


          I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Trish Moore.  I have 26 years of experience in teaching piano and theory.  No two students are the same so I try base my choice of method to the student.  It's not 'one size fits all'.  I use quite a few different method books.  I also prepare students for RCM graded material and exams if they so choose.  I have been fortunate that most of my students have earned great marks for their practical and/or theory exams.


          I also have various methods to start a student from age 4.  These methods while written for the student to enjoy being exposed to music, they learn the same material all students learn, but at their pace.  I don't set the pace of the lessons, the student actually does.  The more they practice the faster they go through their books.  For some students attaining their goals is important.


          My life started in Holland.  My father was in the PPCLI band and we were posted to various cities during his career.  His last posting was to Edmonton, Alberta.  Burrrr...  My home growing up was always filled with music from jazz, opera, classical and popular.  I appreciate that I had a musician as a father.  In 1995 I moved to Victoria, British Columbia and there began my piano studio.  I finally had a job that I loved doing.  Over the years I have had great relationships with the students I had and recently have found some of them on Facebook and boy have they grown. 

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