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Meet Your Teacher, Trish Moore!

Hiiiiii!!!! My name is Trish, and I am passionate about music education and piano! I started playing a little later than most and I am thrilled that I can do what I love every day and pass on my love for piano with students around the world! Your kiddo will be well taken care of. That personal connection is so important to me, and I will do my best to make sure they are seen, successful and help develop that love for piano I know they all have in them!


· They’ll learn songs within the first lesson, and dozens more over the 12 weeks!

· They get to compose their own songs!

· They will play games!

· They’ll perform in front of other kids

· They’ll learn the names of all the white keys and be able to play SO many different songs!

· They’ll learn finger numbers

· They’ll learn basic rhythms

· They’ll gain freedom to play confidently!

Need I say more!?

You're in the right place if you're ok with a non-traditional way of teaching piano!

Cascade Method is like no other method out there! It is a style and way of teaching that I have developed over my 20 years of lessons with students! I am always adapting and finding the best way to share my love of piano that will give students that immediate sense confidence and empowerment. By teaching kids the 7 white keys of the piano and giving them songs written out with my “pop song method,” they’ll have the freedom to learn more than the 10 I have planned for them in this course. In addition to all the songs they’ll learn, I’ll teach them important piano fundamentals and concepts through games and boom cards! The week between lessons will have never felt longer nor will piano have ever been more fun!

It's time to get your kids...


Live 12 Week Online Course

Tara’s non-traditional method of teaching has been bottled up in this 12-week live course to immediately boost your kiddo’s confidence in playing piano! They will learn over a dozen popular songs, compose their own, learn finger numbers, learn basic rhythm, and ultimately develop that love for playing that every parent (and I!) hopes for their kiddo!

I am so excited I couldn't wait to let you know about this course. The book doesn't come out until Monday. So stay-tuned and I will give you dates, times and cost, as soon as the book drops on Amazon. If you'd like to put your name on my list, please email me at


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