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I have been using the WunderKeys Music Program for about 2 years, and I can say from experience, the students love these books. There are lessons, games, activities, and the pace of the books are simply great. Whether it is the books for preschoolers, children 6 - 9 in the Primer Level books, or music for teens, there is something for everyone. My Studio is open all year and follows the school calendar for holidays like Good Friday, Easter Monday. Yes, I do teach throughout the summer, since I feel a two-month break when you are learning a musical instrument works against what you have studied all year. I do however run the lessons a little differently - students can pick music they want to learn; pick a piece to work on that is not in the regular books they are using, and I also run a summer camp, this year The Lives of the Composers. Summertime is a wonderful time to start lessons, because all of the activities a student has when going to school won't be competing for their time.

I have an Easter special running right now that if you sign up in April, you will get 25% discount off the first month. That works out to a free lesson. Interested? Contact me 250-213-7883. #pianolessons #music #wunderkeys #pianoteacher #practicing #musicislife #teens #pianoplayer #pianomusic #musiclessons #piano #funactivities #entrepreneur #havefun #teachingtools #easter #easterbunny #eastereggs #special #specials


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