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Theory is learning the language of music and is beneficial to singers, school band members, in fact any instrument. Building a solid foundation in music theory education helps musicians progress faster in understanding the fundamentals of rhythm, note naming, chords, sight/ear training, and more!

UMT Theory Club Camp is open to all levels. Students will be grouped according to theory level. Join us for UMT Theory Club Camp and let`s have fun learning!

This is a 6-week online theory camp. The six lessons are 1 hour each. There are two levels at this time: Prep. - Beginners Basic - student who have been taking lessons for a year or longer.

These books also are recognized by the RCM for study to complete theory exams.

Class limit: 6. Another camp will be added if interest is there.

Date: July 12 - August 16th, 2022 Time: 11:00 - 12:00 p.m. Cost: $270.00 Contact: Trish 250-213-7883


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